A Speed Reader

Read faster, Read everywhere

A Speed Reader is a high speed text file reading app that enables the usesrtitler to read at up to 500 words per minute (wpm) The software displays each word in the centre of the screen. This enables the user to read faster because they do not have to track the words across and down the page.

A Speed Reader is very easy to use. You open a text file from your phone’s storage card and click the read button. You can adjust the speed or pause reading at any time. Many classic books are available for free in text file format and so can be read on A Speed reader. The special edition comes pre-loaded with “The Great Gatsby”.

One tends to increase the speed during a reading session as the brain gets used to it. If you go too fast you can click reverse, reduce speed and click play again to read the words you missed. The context button shows a window with the last couple of sentences. It is handy for checking a big word or name that looked unfamiliar when read at speed. The bookmark facility is essential for reading large files over numerous sessions.

Only available in English. Price €1.00  Buy it now on Google Play